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We have selective Novacart products of Paper baking molds and cups, pastry trays, gold cake boards. We have selected the most popular range for retail consumer, home-based, small and medium commercial bakeries. Our product selection is for the grab-and-go market, Bake Show & Sell places complete with snap-on lids. Most products are in stock shipped the next day in retail or case pack. You buy what you need. We ship across Canada.

Panettone Cups

A traditional high style free-standing paper baking mold. This mold is made with a corrugated bottom and a single layer sidewall, featuring a gold floret design with a brown background.

Angel Food - Ring Molds

A free-standing paper baking ring mold. This mold is constructed with a corrugated sidewall and base featuring a brown background with a gold floret print overlay. A center ring ensures even baking.

ECOS/OP – Bakeable Grab and Go (Round)

Ecos Series – Terra Cotta: Adding a new color to our traditional Ecos Series line. These molds have all of the same features as our solid brown line along with optional lids.

ECOS/OP – Bakeable Series (Squares)

A free-standing paper baking mold, solid brown in color with a PET-Laminated interior for easy release. The majority of this line have an optional plastic lid which is great for grab-and-go business, and can even be used for to-go containers.

Loaf Molds

A free-standing rectangular paper loaf mold. The PM Series is constructed with a corrugated sidewall and base, featuring a brown background with a gold floret print overlay.

Plumk Loaf Molds

A free-standing baking mold that features a white PET-laminated interior and beautifully decorated exterior. The PET interior allows for ease of release.
Great for: quick breads, yeast breads, and bread puddings.

Easybake – Cube and Mini Loaf Brown

A free-standing paper baking mold constructed with a corrugated sidewall and base that has a PET-laminated interior for ease of release. This line contains one of our most popular molds, the Easybake Mini Loaf.

Brioche Molds

A free-standing floret cup. This product line features a white PET-Laminated interior which allows for easy release. The scalloped edges, in the traditional brioche style, create a beautiful pastry.

Tulip Cup

Made with grease-resistant paper and are available in a variety of colors including our exclusive house print – Brown Paper with Gold Scroll overlay. The petal tips give a beautiful modern look to muffins and cupcakes.

Golden Tray

Made from solid cardboard and laminated with a high gloss gold finish making it impermeable to oil and moisture. More attractive than plastic or aluminum, our trays add a subtle elegance to baked goods.

Novacart  Product Catalog

If you need further details about all our Novacart Products, send us your details and receive a copy of Catalog.